Saturday, August 29, 2009

One last thing about Ted Kennedy

Read the excerpt below:

By JEFF ISRAELY – Thu Aug 27, 1:55 pm ET
There was a poignant footnote to President Obama's historic July 10 meeting with Pope Benedict XVI at the Vatican. Behind closed doors in the papal library, Obama handed Benedict a letter that Senator Edward Kennedy had asked him to personally deliver to the pontiff. White House spokesman Robert Gibbs later told reporters that nobody - not even the President - knew the contents of the sealed missive. Obama himself asked Benedict to pray for Kennedy, and called the ailing Senator afterward to fill him in on his encounter with the 82-year-old Pope.

Now then, what do YOU make of this? I'll tell you what I make of this; it's his final confession. And in it he confesses to the murder of Mary Jo Kopechne. Let's face it, Ted's a Catholic or should I say... a bad Catholic. Last I checked the Pope said no Catholic could be pro-choice but, I digress. Ted sent his confession via the POTUS in hopes that the Pope would absolve him of all wrongdoings and score him a seat in heaven. And since confessions are between the sinner and his clergyman of choice and is no one else's business, you can bet that letter was destroyed or locked away in a deeeeep vault in the Vatican. To paraphrase a TV commercial from my youth; "The world may never know."

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