Saturday, September 26, 2009

Left Employing Sexist Tactics to Discredit Giles, O’Keefe?

by Dana Loesch

Word on the street is that the Left, the “equal pay, pro-women” left is desperately searching for lewd photos of Hannah Giles.

Savor that bit of irony for a moment.

The Left is seeking to employ sexism as a way to take down yet another young woman. A rationale after Ike Turner’s own heart! Leftist ideology replaces “barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen” as the modern-day female prison; step out of line and you will be virtually and emotionally abused by the burdensome patriarchal undercurrent that powers this political rationale. They’re only for choice if that “choice” is the genocide of the female sex; they’re only for female empowerment if it doesn’t disrupt the fragile liberal status quo – and Giles is the most recent example.

As a young woman, I can say that sexist behavior so often perpetrated by the left is a major reason why I and many other women left the Democratic party. It’s gross to know that a bunch of crusty, old, pee-paw Democratic operatives are, at this second, scouring the web for nudie Giles shots as a way to discredit her and O’Keefe’s work.

The reasoning of these ACORN supporters is that the message is only as valid as the messenger is pure. By that “logic,” nothing is reasonable, including that statement.

Thankfully, fellow conservative bloggers like RS McCain, Little Miss Attila and others recognized early on and by way of SEO made sure that their mentions of search terms involving Giles and bikinis brought searchers to their blogs, effectively lampooning those of ill will.

The heat on James O’Keefe and Giles has been such that now ACORN is targeting them for allegedly violating the state’s two-party consent laws in regard to recorded conversation; however the law appears to be murky with differentiating between audio and video recordings. Two citizen journalists exposed a taxpayer-funded group who gave advice on how to skirt the IRS and enslave children in a sex trade and the Baltimore’s city state’s attorney may target the journalists – and not those all-too-willing to facilitate the sexual abuse of minors. I’ve a feeling that if “Dateline NBC” taped their “To Catch a Predator” in Maryland, the pedophiles would be exalted as victims and the show’s producers as bad people for exposing the criminality.

No one on the Left has remarked how awful it was that not a single ACORN worker reached out to Giles and offered to help get her out of a life of prostitution instead of helping to place her into a brothel; or how her “pimp” wasn’t reprimanded for the sexist way in which he used his girlfriend to further his political agenda. The ACORN women have filed suit against O’Keefe and Giles for the “extreme emotional distress” caused when these women were forced to face the their own corrupt characters on tape. Were I Giles, I’d counter-sue for the “extreme emotional distress” brought on by the realization that taxpayer-supported, systematic sexism (by way of facilitating the sexual slavery of women) is considered less of an infarction in this country than two-way consent.

That tells you where women lie in ACORN’s priorities; we’ll see where they lie with the Baltimore City State’s Attorney’s Office.

That is was an investigation and not an ACTUAL “pimp and ho” who walked in to these offices is a weak defense at best and completely irrelevant to the conclusion. The end would remain unchanged regardless whether or not the means were known as subterfuge or real; the sad part is that were this an actual prostitution duo wanting to import children in for a brothel, that brothel would likely exist by now.

A defense fund was established for Giles; she’ll need all the help she can get. I love how they’re calling ACORN’s bluff and willing to drag them into a full-on trial where ACORN’s every misdeed since their inception will be scrutinized.

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