Friday, October 30, 2009

Nothing more than a photo-op...

This pisses me off for a lot of reasons:

1. This was not a suprise trip, the media was there.
2. The media has no business covering moments like this. It should be a private moment for the families. It used to be until Obama changed it. You can argue all you want about "the public has a right to see the cost of war." Bullshit.
3. If it absolutely just HAS to be coverd then it should be done by fellow soldiers. Yes, the military has photographers, reporters and cameramen.
4. Why go to this one when he hasn't gone to any of the others. Does this mean he will be at each one from now on? Or was it, as I stated, a photo-op because his back is against the wall on sending more troops and he wanted to show everyone that he is weighing the cost?
5. I honestly don't think he cares one bit about our military.

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