Monday, December 14, 2009

The Ballad of GI Joe

First, let me say that I am a huge GI Joe nerd. I have all the comics, all the cartoons and a collection of 12" and 3 3/4" figures that totals around 400 (that's not including the vehicles). I collect the standard line as well as the "Real American Hero" line.

I was disappointed in the movie. Too much garbage and not enough character development. Not to mention that they HORRIBLY handled Snake-Eyes origin.

Below is a video that I find not only funny as all hell, but the fact that they got the actors and actresses that they got is incredible. I mean... Vinnie Jones as Destro?!? Wow!

Also, this ballad is based on the cartoons and not the comics. Hence, Scarlett's love for Duke instead of Snake-Eyes. Enjoy.

Laz Alonso as Doc
Alexis Bledel as Lady Jaye
Billy Crudup as Zartan
Zach Galifiankais as Snow Job
Tony Hale as Dr. Mindbender
Vinnie Jones as Destro
Joey Kern as Tomax
Joey Kern as Xamot
Chuck Liddell as Gung Ho
Julianne Moore as Scarlett
Henry Rollins as Duke
Alan Tudyk as Shipwreck
Sergeant Slaughter as Himself

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