Saturday, December 12, 2009

More follow-ups to depravity

By the grace of God, I live in Texas. I know that my kids will never be exposed to this Liberal crap. But I can honestly tell you that if they ever were exposed to it; the teacher would either be in the hospital or the morgue.

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  1. Your kids are already being exposed to the Liberal crap compliments of the NEA teachers union and the National Organization of Superintendents. It is very subtle, and pits parents against schools with schools arrogantly winning. If you don't realize this you need to do more visiting in you childs classes and read his assignments. Standardize testing asks personal "thougtht" questions to see if they are brainwashing the kids correctly. That is what the system of "Recognized" schools is about. Teachers are rewarded when they get the correct thought pattern going in their students. Texas is not immune to this.