Monday, February 8, 2010

Clear Skies and...

40 degrees. Not exactly what jumps to mind when you say the word, "Baghdad," right? Yeah, it's a bit chilly right now but unfortunately it won't last.
Victory/Liberty/Baghdad (our portion of it) is starting to look like a ghost town. The drawdown has begun in earnest. I barely recognize this place compared to what it looked like back in 07-08. Then again, all I ever did was visit for a day or two back then because I was in Mosul.
Stopped by the Al Faw Palace today. Cool place, didn't get pics. I'll go back at some point with my trusty camera and snap a few. Al Faw is where big daddy Saddam hung out. It's surrounded by lakes (betcha didn't expect that one either). His throne chair is massive and was a gift from Yasar Arafat (from one jackass to another). ;)

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