Friday, April 30, 2010

Please forgive me...

For not weighing in on the immigration/Arizona issue. I am trying to calm myself and not write a post that is full of emotional tirades (much like a Liberal). I am trying to remain calm and confront these F#$%!&$ idiots with simple facts and logic (like the good Conservative I am). But, it's becoming increasingly more and more difficult to do that ESPECIALLY WHEN IDIOT CELEBRITIES (who I've never even heard of) SEEM TO THINK THAT WHAT THEY SAY MATTERS!!!!

Calm... Calm down. You can do it.

*deep breath* Who the hell is Shakira? Seriously. Who is she and why is she getting airtime? THIS IS EXACTLY THE KIND OF CRAP I'M TALKING ABOUT!!!

Calm... Calm down. You can do it.

*deep breath* No I can't. I'm done for the day.

I just don't get it.................................

And it makes me sad.

And seriously concerned about the future of this once great country...


  1. The nuts are really coming out of the woodworks making false accusations of racial profiling harassment and saying other outrageous things about the Arizona law, when the Arizona law only enforces the federal law that was already on the books. But, unfortunately the federal government has has dropped the ball, bigtime.

    OK... I'm calm now, also...

  2. Yet another usefull idiot, sad that both the media and others give them any legitimate credibility.