Friday, June 4, 2010

Pics from my latest field trip...

Al-Shaab Soccer Stadium

During the rule of the government of Saddam Hussein, Saddam's son, Uday Hussein, was in charge of the Iraqi Olympic Committee and, by extension, the national football team. Under Uday's leadership, motivational lectures to the team included threats to cut off players' legs, while missed practices resulted in prison time and losses resulted in flogging with electric cable or baths in raw sewage, if penalties or an open goal was missed or own goals were scored then that person would have their feet whipped with thorns. After the Gulf War, Iraq was banned from participating in the Asian Games and in most Arab competitions. In 1996 Iraq was ranked 139th in the world, the worst FIFA ranking in Iraqi football history.
On the far upper right of the picture you can see the Al-Shaheed Monument.

On the left you can see Firdos Square. The traffic circle is where the statue of Saddam was pulled down by Iraqis and American Forces. Directly to the West of the square is the Sheraton Ishtar. The large building directly North of that is the Palestine Hotel. The mosque directly to the right of the circle is the 14th of Ramadan Mosque.

The large building with the blue dome is the Iraq Republican Palace.

The building next to the tower is the old US Embassy.

The large building at the bottom right is the Baghdad International Train Station. The large building in the upper left portion (shaped like a "B" with the atriums) is the National Museum of Iraq.

Our wingman. UH-60 Blackhawk.

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  1. Thanks for posting all these interesting pictures. You look great! Be safe over there.