Monday, December 20, 2010

A Note from Congressman Ted Poe

Dear Neighbors,

Another day in Congress, another dollar spent. From more taxpayer funded programs to amnesty, the lame-duck session hasn’t fallen short on political wheeling and dealing. I’m not sure what part of November some of my colleagues didn’t get, but the people want their House back – and their money too.

Tax Extension Compromise – No Deal for Taxpayers
This has been a long drawn out process for a very simple solution – cut taxes and cut spending. Unfortunately, this lame-duck Congress didn’t do that. I fully support extending the tax cuts, but I cannot support the short-term deal negotiated by the White House and party leaders that will only prolong the problem and do little to create stability in the job market. In order to keep taxes from increasing, this so-called deal increased spending and added to the deficit. That’s no ‘deal.’
Continuing to leave businesses and families in financial limbo is just kicking the can down the road. A ‘deal’ for the American people would have been to make the tax cuts permanent, eliminate the death tax and CUT spending. This bill fell way short of that.
I was one of 36 conservatives to vote no. This was not a vote against the tax extension; just the opposite. This was a vote against more spending and for a better deal for the American taxpayer in the next Congress.

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