Friday, January 21, 2011

Texas CHL Instructor Course Day Five

  1. Damn it was cold! 22 Degrees with little wind (due to the 20ft berm surrounding us on 3 sides).
  2. The Texas DPS Range is verrrrry nice.
  3. Scored a 247 out of 250 with my Colt .38 DS II. I did mention that it was cold, right?
  4. Scored a 245 with my XD9. Would have had a perfect 250 but I had a type one malfunction (not a mis-feed but a dud round). And since you can't make up for it... I get a 245.
  5. The point is that now I am a certified CHL Instructor for the great state of Texas.


  1. Congrats! It was a balmy 95 degrees when I went through in June. :-)

    I want a range just like DPS's at my house!