Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hey Lee! Why Not Worry About Really Important Things?!?

Sheila Jackson Lee is a disgrace to my state as well as a disgrace to politics in general. And I would like to let everyone know that she is NOT a Native Texan. This moron is from New York (where she should have stayed).

"In this month of African-American history where we're trying to celebrate what is good and great, it certainly seems ridiculous that Pepsi would utilize this kind of humor," she said. "It was not humorous. It was demeaning — an African-American woman throwing something at an African-American male and winding up hitting a Caucasian woman."

She said this on the House Floor...
She also said the Super Bowl is about spending time with your family in "fellowship." Really?!?

"That is why I'm so disappointed with the Pepsi advertisement that showed a demeaning role for African American women, in an ad that showed a can being thrown and being utilized to wound someone else or hit someone else," she said. "I think that we can come together in a much better way, sell Pepsi, and as well talk about good nutrition," she said. "But, frankly, I consider this insulting, and so did many other women of all colors."
Here's the insanely upsetting video that so moved her to take valuable time addressing it on the House Floor:

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