Thursday, February 3, 2011

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Five years ago, Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell stared death in the face in the desolate mountains of Afghanistan as Taliban soldiers hunted him down.  After fighting for his life for five days, he became the lone survivor of Operation Redwing.  On Saturday, June 26th  2010, Marcus Luttrell and Sharon Henderson launched the Lone Survivor.    
As detailed in the book Lone Survivor, Luttrell and fellow Navy SEALs were sent on a mission in the mountains of Afghanistan to capture or kill a Taliban leader.  The mission, known as Operation Redwing, tragically concluded after the SEALs were betrayed by Afghan goat herders after the SEALs spared their lives.  The irony in the story is that Luttrell, though badly wounded, managed to escape a Taliban onslaught and was protected and saved by an Afghan village elder, Mohammed Gulab.  During Operation Redwing, 19 Special Operations Warriors gave their lives in defense of their country.   
The Foundation launched on the 5 year anniversary of Operation Redwing, as a way to honor those fallen comrades. The Lone Survivor Foundation is dedicated to supporting   American wounded warriors and their families. Inspired by Marcus Luttrell’s Mantra “Never Quit”, the lost heroes of Operation Red Wing and the motivation to Pay it Forward, the Lone Survivor Foundation welcomes home, empowers and restores wounded warriors and their families.

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