Wednesday, February 2, 2011

WTSHTF: Purchase of the Day

I've decided to keep a running update for those of you who are "like-minded." What I mean to say is that those of us who are preparing for the worst while hoping for the better.

I just bought this today.

The Backpack is a STOMP bag; Measures 20" tall 13" across, 11" wide. Outside flap has two netted, zippered flat pockets. The next flap has several elastic stays, one large zippered pocket and four medium open pouches. The next flap has a zippered pocket and a netted flat pocket with two zippered openings, several small pockets and elastic keepers.
The last flap has two pockets containing (2) color-coded mini packs. Pouches for two HydraStorm Hydration Systems External Features:
Adjustable shoulder straps, web belt, sternum strap. Paracord drop pouches so you can dangle the pack below your parachute and let it hit first. Two grab handles are attached to the outside flaps for picking up in a hurry. They also double as drag handles. Hook & loop strip located on the back panel for attaching marker panels and other items. Inside panel is padded with closed cell foam.

A.L.I.C.E. attachment webbing is sewn to the underside of the pack. Grommets in the bottom for drainage. Cinch straps are included for the sides and top to maintain load integrity during stress maneuvers.

**All First Aid Kits are Non-returnable**
The supplies inside the bag contain:
2- 25 occ Skin Flushing Solution
1 - 6oz. Calamine Lotion
2 - Lip Treatment
1 -Burn Spray
1 -Instant Glucose
20- Pain Reliever
20- Ammonia inhalants
1 -Blood clotting spray
2 -Sam/universal splints
2 -Field dressing 7.5"x 8"
3 -Triangular Bandages
1 -Cervical collar
3 -6" elastic bdge
6 -2" elastic bdge
5 -4"x4" Sterile pads
10- 2"x2" Gauze sponges
10- 5'x9" abdominal pads
4 -Blood stopper kits
5 -eye pads
100 -bandage strips assorted sizes
20 -butterfly strip
20 -bandage strips 2"x3"
20 -knuckle bandages
3 -instant ice packs
3 -roll of 1" tape
1 -stethoscope
1 -blood pressure kit
2 -EMT shears
4 -hemostats
1 -stainless steel tweezers
1 -stainless steel probe
1 -Scalpel handle #3
6 -Scalpel blades
1 -penlight
5 -suture set
1 -first aid book
6 -safety pins
5 -pair latex gloves
2 -irrigation syringe
20 -triple antibiotic packages
5 -burn aid packages
20 -alcohol wipes
100 -iodine PVP wipes
25 -antiseptic BZK wipes
9 -after bite wipes
2 -CPR mask/face shield
4 -airways
5 -Tongue depressor
2 -Combat casualty blanket
2 -Multitrauma dressing 20"x30"
3 -Quick clot
2 -Israeli 4" dressing
2 -Israeli 6" dressing
1 -hand sanitizer

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