Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Two Airmen Killed in Germany

Two people were shot and killed Wednesday in an incident involving a U.S. military bus at Frankfurt Airport in Germany, a police spokesman said.
Another person is severely wounded, Juergen Linker told CNN, and one person is in custody.
A U.S. military official said initial reports were that two people had been killed, including the driver of the bus.
It is not clear if the driver was German or American, or military or civilian.
Two others are wounded, said the source, who is not authorized to speak publicly about the incident.
The troops killed and injured are U.S. Air Force airmen from Lakenheath base in the United Kingdom, the U.S. official said, emphasizing that the information was only preliminary.
They were security forces on their way to a deployment, the source said, without saying specifically where they were heading.
They were flying commercial, not on a military plane, according to the source.
It's believed the German police have a young Kosovo national in custody, the U.S. official said.
The U.S. military base at Ramstein in Germany regularly runs shuttles to Frankfurt for commercial flights.


  1. I would expect more of the same in the future!!!
    as our place in the Global community continues to
    slip out from under us. I never in my wildest dreams thought I would ever see this country where
    we have put ourselves today!!!!! and all because
    of GREED>>>>>>>BILL in KY.

  2. How very tragic. Pray for the family of these brave airman and bus driver.