Thursday, April 14, 2011

From My Bro FriskelJr in Afghanistan

So today we had an urgent medevac come in, a soldier was in an MATV, they were hit with an IED. This soldier had a traumatic amputation of his left foot at the ankle, and shattered his right tibia and fibula. In our trauma bay he took 2 units of blood, we got him into the OR. in there he took another 6 units of blood, docs did their thing he comes out. We notice blood seeping thru the bandages, he goes back into surgery, there was an artery that was severed by a bone fragment, anyway we run out of blood to give this guy. We had an emergency whole blood drive here, at 1230 in the middle of the night we had about 30-40 US Servicemembers show up to donate blood. It is the coolest damn thing to see, all these people wake up in the middle of the night, come all the way across base to help out someone they dont even know. And some of them who were not able to donate were getting angry and dissapointed they couldnt help. It is just so great to see that. Who knew in Afghanistan of all places I would see something so awesome. 
Anyways, the soldier ended up doing fine, they fixed the artery and he is up at Bagram getting fixed and will be back home shortly, the only fear is he may lose the right leg below the knee from the damage. But to everyone who helps out when there is a call for blood donors, THANK YOU VERY MUCH, You are saving lives. Keep up the good work.

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