Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Project Gunwalker Part XII

Calling out excuse-mongering Jon Stewart and Media Matters on Gunwalker intent

By David Codrea, Gun Rights Examiner

“Media Matters has documented the growing trend of Fox News and other conservative media outlets pushing the baseless conspiracy theory that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, Explosives (ATF) Fast and Furious program was an intentional covert plan to push gun control laws,” resident regressive flack Chris Brown claims.
Bully for you, Chris. I’ll see your “documentation” and raise you four volumes of it, including repeated direct contact with whistleblowers.  And why does "documenter" Chris present a contrived opinion that it’s a “baseless conspiracy theory” as a settled matter?  Oh, because Andrew Breitbart says there’s no direct evidence.  You know, the Andrew Breitbart who’s been at the forefront of this story ever since…oh, wait, he really hasn’t been, has he?  Still, direct evidence has yet to come out, doesn’t it?  Aren't we having hearings or something? And who knows what after that?
So what indirect and circumstantial evidence do we “conservative media outlets” have to base our "misinformation" on—besides the nameless “others” Jon Stewart ridicules in a disappointing follow-up to his initial report that seemed to summarize things fairly well?
For starters, we have the discussions on, the whistleblower website that provided the genesis of Mike Vanderboegh’s and my investigations—the one that has been continuously corroborated as the onion skin layers peel back, resulting in the media not being able to contain the story no matter how much The Washington Post and The New York Times would like to make people believe otherwise with true misdirection. And we have this quote I challenged the media to use their resources to dig into back in early January:
Coming next will be more info on what the agents refer to as the Phoenix ATF office "walking across" ARs and AKs to pad their statistics and especially the one that may have killed the BP agent.
Then we have information that has been provided directly from sources—sorry, they’ll just have to remain “others”-- if we wouldn’t reveal them to CNN or other media outlets, why should we bother with agenda-driven Media Matters and ratings-driven Comedy Central? And we know thousands of straw-purchased guns were allowed to escape surveillance—and were not followed into Mexico by ATF.  And then we have direct testimony in front of Congress that the supervisor of Operation Fast and Furious was “jovial, if not, not giddy but just delighted about” walked guns showing up at crime scenes in Mexico. And the fact that supervisors had been warned by agents that people would be killed. And gun stores objected but were told to sell guns to suspect buyers anyway. And that ATF’s Mexico  attaché was deliberately left out of the loop. And the Mexican government was not informed. And the whole operation was a directed violation of U.S. and Mexican law by ATF and DoJ managers (and what would really be incredible is if State and DHS were left out of that loop), that is, a “conspiracy” by anyone’s definition of the freaking term, and one that reaches into the highest levels of the administration, no matter how much Chris Brown and Jon Stewart want to roll their eyes and act like they actually know what they’re talking about…
Sorry, fellas—I realize I can’t match you for urbane snark or snotty punk judgmentalism, but that really seems to be the only hand you’re holding.  So OK, smart guys, if finding U.S. civilian market weapons at Mexican crime scenes was NOT part of the objective—and then, once the joviality wore off, exploiting that information, then you tell us: How do you go from Phase 1, letting thousands of guns destined for Mexican cartels escape into the wild in the hands of straw purchasers, to Phase 3, bringing down “the big fish”?
And there’s the continued stonewalling and refusal to cooperate with lawful Congressional oversight.  And…Jon, Chris, are you guys keeping up?
How exactly does that work, smart guys? Explain it to us, oh wiser, more progressive ones.
What the HELL happens in Phase 2? 
Both of you are ridiculous.  Both of you present a cartoon view of government corruption resulting in people dying, Ha ha, and then rely on the ignorance of your followers to get away with it. And your own little lunatic conspiracy theory here reminds me of another Comedy Central offering.
C’mon, snarky-boys, give.  I could use a laugh.  What’s the plan?
Stewart’s “calling out… conspiracy mongering on Fast and Furious”?
Call me out.
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Note to newcomers to this story: “Project Gunrunner” is the name ATF assigned to its Southwest Border Initiative to interdict gun smuggling to Mexico. “Project Gunwalker” is the name I assigned to the scandal after allegations by agents that monitored guns were allowed to fall into criminal hands on both sides of the border through a surveillance process termed “walking” surfaced.

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