Monday, July 18, 2011

From My Bro, Dave

The one fear of a criminal or tyrant is that their victims or subjects are armed and can defeat them.  That is why the founding fathers were brilliant in seeing the need for the 2nd Amendment so that we could remain strong against such threats.  The only problem is that the sheep are too stupid to know better and are being incrementally manipulated to give their rights away in the false hope of the security of the nanny state.  That is the promise of all dictators and oligarchies is to take care of their people and always ends up in their people's enslavement and death.

Leadership, we were taught, is the ability to persuade and motive people to achieve a common goal.  Tyrannic power is the ability to get people to do what the powerful want against the will or sensibilities of the people so as to further that power.  Which do you think our President and his administration is exhibiting?

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