Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Gun News

In reference to the first article below; I received my letter from the ATF along with my form 2 days ago.

Gun form won't deter drug cartels

President Obama says he's cracking down on violent drug cartels at the Mexican border. He's getting tough ... with a form. Yep, a form. Obama wants lawful firearms dealers to fill out a form whenever someone purchases more than one long gun. That must be some form! The administration claims it will help stop cartels from bringing drugs and mayhem to our country. Really?

Read About It: USA Today

Florida: Groveland axes firearms ordinance

In order to avoid potential state fines of as much as $5,000 per councilperson or $500,000 for the city as a whole, Groveland council members repealed an ordinance, previously passed in January 2010, regulating the use of firearms within the city.

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