Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Gun News

Florida: Century won't regulate guns or ammo

The Town of Century is considering an ordinance that will ensure the town won't regulate guns or ammunition in any manner, in accordance with a new state law. The new ordinance under consideration by the town council would eliminate anything in Century's Code of Ordinances that regulates firearms or ammunition in any manner.

New York: Pistol permits in the hands of judges

How difficult is it to exercise one's Second Amendment rights and obtain a pistol permit in New York State? It all depends on one's county of residence and the inclinations/predilections of the issuing agent (county judge) involved in the permit granting process.

Read About It: The Buffalo News (N.Y.)

Nordics set sights on gun control after Norway attacks

In the Nordic countries, where hunting is popular and firearms are plentiful, the twin July 22 attacks that killed 77 people in Norway have spurred lawmakers to consider tighter gun laws. But change will not come without resistance in a region where hunting is viewed by many as a cultural heritage passed down from Viking ancestors, and sport shooting is a favorite pastime.

Read About It: Agence France Presse

Pro-Gun Sheriffs Respond to Nevada Gun Owners

Last week, the NRA sent an e-mail alert informing Nevadans that the Nevada Sheriffs and Chiefs Association tabled a motion that would have authorized the group's representatives to send a letter to the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE).  This letter would ask the BATFE to re-instate the instant background check exemption for Nevada concealed carry weapons (CCW) permit holders.

Currently, seven sheriffs have responded favorably to e-mails and phone calls from both the NRA and our in-state affiliate, the Stillwater Firearms Association, informing us that they want the request to move forward without delay.  Clark County Sheriff Doug Gillespie responded that he favors waiting until the September 17 association meeting before weighing in - inaction that will result in months of additional background check fees on firearm purchases.

Please contact the seven sheriffs below and thank them for their timely response in support ofNevada's gun owners, AND continue to contact those who have not responded at all OR responded unfavorably to our requests. 

Please thank the following sheriffs:
Churchill County Sheriff Ben Trotter
Phone: (775) 423-3116

Elko CountySheriff James Pitts
Phone: (775) 738-3421E-mail:

Humboldt County Sheriff Ed Kilgore
Phone: (775) 623-6419

Lander County Sheriff Ron Unger
Phone: (775) 635-5161E-mail:

Lyon CountySheriff Allen Veil
Phone: (775)463-6600

Nye CountySheriff Anthony L. DeMeo
Phone: (775) 482-8101E-mail:

Storey County Sheriff Gerald Antinoro
Phone: (775) 847-0959E-mail: 
Please urge these sheriffs to support Nevada gun owners:
Carson City
Sheriff Kenneth Furlong
Phone: (775) 887-2020 ext. 1703

Clark CountySheriff Douglas C Gillespie
Non-emergency: (702) 828-3231

Douglas CountySheriff Ron Pierini
Phone: (775) 782-9900E-mail:

Esmeralda CountySheriff Kenneth Elgan
Phone: (775) 485-6373
Eureka CountySheriff Kenneth E Jones
Phone: (775) 237-5330E-mail:

Lincoln County Sheriff Kerry Lee
Phone: (775) 962-5151E-mail:
Mineral County Sheriff Michael Dillard
Phone: (775) 945-2434E-mail:

Pershing County Sheriff Richard Machado
Phone: (775) 273-5111E-mail:

Washoe County
Sheriff Michael Haley
Phone: (775) 328-3001E-mail:

White Pine County Sheriff Dan Watts
Phone: (775) 289-8808

Iowa: Administrative Rules Committee Strips Dove Rule of Traditional Ammunition Ban!
Today, the Administrative Rules Committee met to review the National Resource Commission’s (NRC) final rule for Iowa’s first dove hunting season.  In a nine-to-one bipartisan vote, legislators overwhelmingly rejected the NRC’s underhanded attempt to include a traditional ammunition ban in the final dove rule.  This vote allows for a “session-delay” of the lead ammunition ban, meaning the legislature will have to act during the next legislative session to remove the ban from the final dove rule.  However, Iowa’s first dove season will proceed and will not include a traditional ammunition ban.   
During a recent NRC meeting last month scheduled to set bag limits and the length of Iowa’s first dove season in nearly a century, commissioners launched a surprise attack by passing a ban on the use of traditional ammunition while hunting doves.  The appointed seven-member, commission flagrantly usurped the authority of the legislators who debated the same ban and overwhelmingly rejected it.
Here are three reasons why the use of traditional ammunition should NOT be banned:
  • No scientific studies regarding traditional ammunition have been shown to have any population-level impacts on doves or other species. In fact, doves are the most popular and abundant game bird hunted in America with population levels at all-time highs. 
  • The price of non-traditional ammunition with similar performance characteristics is significantly higher and will keep many hunters from taking part in the historic dove season, especially in these dire economic times. 
  • In addition to the lack of sound science, the Commission enacted the lead ammunition ban in an underhanded fashion with no public comment or notice.
The NRA will keep you informed as this issue moves through the state legislature next year.  Please take a moment to thank the following individuals for their help in stopping the traditional ammunition ban:
Governor Terry Branstad515-281-5211
Senator Dick Dearden (D-34), bill

Administrative Rules Committee Members who voted “yes.”
State Senators:
Senator Wally E. Horn (D-17),

Senator Merlin Bartz (R- 6)

Senator Thomas G. Courtney (D-44)

Senator John P. “Jack” Kibbie (D-4)

Senator James A. Seymour (R-28)

House Members:

Representative Dawn E. Pettengill (R-39), Vice

Representative David E. Heaton (R-91)

Representative Rick Olson (D-68)
Representative Guy Vander Linden (R-75)

To read NRA’s letter to Governor Branstad click here.
To read NRA’s joint letter to committee members click here.

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