Thursday, August 25, 2011

Gun News

Tennessee: More women receiving Right-to-Carry permits

More women are going through the proper training to obtain their gun carry permits in the state of Tennessee. Retired Metro police officer Buford Tune runs the Academy of Personal Protection and Security and teaches a training course that allows gun owners to obtain a carry permit. According to Tune in recent months he has seen an increase in the number of women going through the training to receive their permits.

Read About It: WKRN (Nashville, Tenn.)

Louisiana: Gov. Jindal urges hunters, campers to take advantage of Tax Holiday

On Tuesday, Gov. Bobby Jindal urged hunters and campers to take advantage of the 2011 Louisiana Second Amendment Weekend Sales Tax Holiday that runs Friday, September 2 through Sunday, September 4.

Illinois: Gun-advocacy group continues litigation

The Illinois State Rifle Association wants to continue the lawsuit in hopes a judge will eventually establish an unassailable constitutional right to keep the ID card data secret, the group's attorney, Stanley Tucker, said Wednesday "Theoretically, a future legislature could reverse (the new law)" said Tucker, speaking after a Circuit Court hearing in Peoria on the matter. "We will be pushing for a ruling on constitutional grounds for that reason."

Read About It: The Associated Press

Gun sales in Arizona on record pace

According to a recent article in the Arizona Republic nearly 125,000 people went through federal background checks in the first six months of 2011 in order to obtain a concealed weapon. That puts the state on track to exceed the record of more than 215,000 background checks in 2009.

Missouri: Open Carry Under Attack In Rock Hill!
Wednesday, August 24, 2011
Call Your Alderman and Urge Them to Vote NO to The Ban!

An ordinance was introduced at last week’s Rock Hill Board of Aldermen meeting which would ban the open carry of firearms in the city of Rock Hill.  Currently, city municipal code allows those who possess a valid concealed carry permit to also carry their firearm openly.  The proposal introduced this week, if adopted, would amend the existing law and put an end to the practice of openly carrying a firearm for self-defense in Rock Hill.  A vote on the matter is expected to take place at the next meeting on Tuesday, September 6, so it is very important that you contact your Alderman TODAY and urge him or her to oppose this proposed measure.
Concealed carry laws will not be affected by this amendment since, according to Missouri’s preemption laws, cities only have the authority to regulate open carry and not concealed carry.  However, it is still important to call your Alderman and ensure that your voice is heard by urging the Board members to respect your right to carry a firearm openly!  Contact information for the Board of Alderman can be found below.
Rock Hill Board of Aldermen:
Alderwoman Chris Graber(314) 962-7486 
Alderman Ed Johnson (314)
Alderman Edward Mahan(314)  
Alderman Philip Scherry(314)
Alderwoman Mary Wofford(314)
Alderman Robert Weider(314)

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