Monday, September 19, 2011

Gun News

Florida: Women taking aim

While demand for concealed carry licenses cooled a little last year in the Sunshine State, interest heated up among women. Area gun stores reported a surge in female attendance in concealed weapon courses, a requirement for the license. Gun sales to women also shot up, bucking stereotype that says only men buy, own and carry firearms.

Read About It: The Englewood Sun (Fla.)

California: Gun control bill in Gov. Jerry Brown's hands

On Gov. Jerry Brown's desk is a bid to bar Californians from openly carrying firearms, legislation that could open a new front in the state's decades old gun control debate.

Read About It: The Los Angeles Times

Pennsylvania: Legalizing Sunday hunting continues to be uphill battle

It's a question of fairness. That's what supporters of a move to legalize Sunday hunting in Pennsylvania -- banned since 1873 -- said at a gathering of the state House of Representatives' game and fisheries committee near Allentown on Thursday night.

Colorado: El Paso County Commissioners commemorate September 16 as 'Friends of NRA Day'

During Thursday's meeting of the El Paso Board of County Commissioners (BoCC), Commissioner and NRA Life Member Dennis Hisey brought forward a resolution highlighting the fundraising efforts of local "Friends of NRA" committees dedicated to NRA programs focused on firearms education and safety, shooting range development, conservation education and research, law enforcement firearm competition and other core programs administered through the nationally based organization. The resolution specifically cited "Colorado Friends of NRA" committees for their collective efforts in securing over $845,000 in raised funds and more than $400,000 in awarded grants benefitting NRA affiliated organizations in 2010.

Read About It: EL Paso County (Colo.)

Canada: Long-gun registry on the block

The government has long set its sights on scrapping the long-gun registry a political hot potato that has pitted cities concerned about gun violence against rural areas dependent on hunting and farming.

Canada: Right to self-defense under assault

Over the past half century, the right of citizens in Western countries to defend themselves has eroded. This is partly due to neglect. As our societies have urbanized, we have shown greater willingness to let professional police officers defend our loved ones, our property and ourselves. After all, more of us now live closer to police stations than our parents, or certainly our grandparents. But the erosion of our right to self-defense has also been a deliberate initiative by governments. Increasingly, politicians, policy makers, academics and police have come to think that citizens who take up weapons firearms or otherwise to defend themselves are as dangerous to social peace as criminals.

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