Thursday, September 22, 2011

Gun News

Crime numbers in decline for 4 years

Violent crime nationwide dropped 6 percent in 2010, declining for the fourth straight year, while property crimes also were down for the eighth consecutive year, falling 2.7 percent, the FBI announced Monday. The declines continued despite predictions that crime would worsen because of the recession.

Read About It: The Washington Times

Florida: Local governments scramble to repeal gun restrictions

City and county officials across the state are scrambling to undo local ordinances restricting firearms before a new state law takes effect Oct. 1. The law imposes personal fines of up to $5,000 for local officials who overreach state gun regulations.

Oklahoma lawmakers study open carry

Lawmakers took aim Tuesday at expanding gun rights in Oklahoma by allowing citizens to openly carry firearms, an issue that has become an emotionally charged one at the Capitol with differing opinions on just how far legislation should go. Members of the Public Safety Committee took testimony from law enforcement, academics and proponents of expanded gun rights as they decided how to proceed with an open carry bill. Rep. Mark McCullough, who requested the study, said his plan is to take a strategic approach to expanding firearm rights that would include drafting a variety of bills on the subject.

New York: In Johnsburg, talk of a gun ban triggers reactions

A Second Amendment debate of national proportions is brewing in this rural, hunting happy community. Local officials are considering local legislation that could outlaw the possession of firearms on all town property.

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