Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Gun News

NRA, San Francisco battle over gun control laws

Handguns in someone's San Francisco residence cannot be left out in the open, but instead must be either locked in a container or disabled with a trigger lock, under a 2007 city law. Another law, adopted in 1994, prohibits the sale of ammunition such as hollow point bullets, which expand upon impact. The National Rifle Association has sued The City over these two laws in federal court as being unconstitutional.

Chris Matthews lumps NRA in with 'crazy, far-right' 'hatred' of Obama

While running through his usual litany of attacks on anti Obama conservatives, MSNBC's Chris Matthews on Tuesday included the National Rifle Association as part of the "crazy far right" who "hate" Barack Obama.

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Florida eliminates local gun rules

Kate Latorre's law firm, which represents a dozen Central Florida cities and towns, has been scrambling in recent weeks. She and other lawyers at the firm have been working with city officials to hunt down and wipe out references to guns in municipal codes. Such changes are popping up this month on government meeting agendas throughout the county and state. That's because, starting Saturday, county, city and town officials will be personally liable for knowingly having gun control rules in their ordinances, under a bill approved by the Florida Legislature.

Firearms big business in Idaho

The firearms industry is thriving in Idaho, and business for some local companies is getting even better. The industry employs thousands of people in Idaho, and a new trade group wants to push that number higher.

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