Monday, October 17, 2011

Gun News

Wisconsin: NRA to fight Van Hollen's Right-to-Carry training rule

Over objections of the National Rifle Association and some Republican lawmakers, anyone wishing to carry a concealed weapon in Wisconsin would have to undergo four hours of training even though the law does not require that.

FBI reports less crime despite more firearms

Despite dire predictions that striking down gun control laws and allowing individuals to exercise their Second Amendment rights would lead to more gun violence, just the opposite is happening, according to recently announced FBI statistics.

NRA decries 'unacceptable' proposal to ban target shooting on Western parkland

Gun enthusiasts are rallying opposition to a string of new federal proposals that could close off hundreds of thousands of acres in the open West to target shooting. The proposals from the Bureau of Land Management potentially would outlaw target shooting in swaths of public land in Arizona and Colorado as part of a broader conservation planning effort.

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