Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Gun News

Wisconsin: Flood of Right-to-Carry permits likely

The state Department of Justice is expecting an influx of concealed carry permit applications after the law takes effect next month. And if Wisconsin residents react to the law like Minnesota and Michigan residents did, the DOJ will see the number of applications increase each year.

Florida: Palm Beach County may challenge Florida gun law penalties

Palm Beach County commissioners are expected to decide today whether to challenge the penalties of a new state law that forces local governments to repeal regulations on guns and ammunition. County Attorney Denise Nieman said Monday her office is prepared to file suit challenging the new law, which says local officials who violate the gun requirements can be held personally liable for civil fines up to $5,000 and possibly be removed from office.

California: Fresno City Council Pres. pushes concealed gun permits

Fresno City Council President Lee Brand wants to make it easier for law abiding citizens to legally carry concealed guns. Brand said he plans to introduce to the council next week his Citizen Concealed Weapons Act that would rewrite local standards for issuance of a concealed weapons license. "There's a lot of tension out there," said Brand, who added that the city is becoming more dangerous during the economic crisis. "Police officers can't be everywhere at all times."

Read About It: The Fresno Bee (Calif.)

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