Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Gun News

Courts still gunning against Second Amendment rights

Does the Second Amendment right to bear arms for self defense extend outside the doorway of our homes? Well, no -- at least not according to rulings of judges in California, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York and Virginia. Although 40 states currently mandate that permits shall be granted to allow all competent, law abiding adults who seek them to carry concealed loaded firearms, California, Illinois and Maryland deny permits to all but those who can show they face specific dangers.

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Nebraska: Omaha City Council looking at changing gun laws

Omaha's police chief says he's trying to get the city's gun laws in line with federal and state laws but gun rights activists say his proposed solutions will only make things worse. At issue, registering handguns or guns that have barrels 18 inches or shorter. Activists say the ordinance is vague enough that someone with a rifle can be in violation of the law. They also argue that registration should be voluntary across the board.

Read About It: KPTM (Omaha, Neb.)

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