Tuesday, November 22, 2011

File Under: Hell Yes!

A 10-year-old Bellingham boy is being credited with helping his mother ward off a violent attacker with the help of a BB gun.
The boy was awoken Tuesday morning to the sounds of commotion coming from his mother's bedroom.

Police said that when he went to see what the noise was, the boy saw Paul Newman, 46, assaulting his mother.
"The victim explained that Newman rents a room at her home," Bellingham police spokesperson Mark Young said. "He apparently came home intoxicated and became angry because his room was messed up."
In an attempt to help his mother, the boy hit Newman with a board before running away. The boy then ran to his bedroom but Newman thought he left the house and ran outside after him. When Newman was outside, the woman locked the door behind him.
"Newman tried to get back into the home through an unlocked window and as the victim attempted to shut the window, Newman grabbed her arm," Young said. 
When the woman was unable to break Newman's grasp on her arm, the boy went to his room and got a BB rifle.
"After seeing the BB rifle, Newman made threats to kill both the victim and her son," Young said. "Upon hearing this, the son reportedly shot Newman in the face as many as four times — this action proved to be effective."
The woman called 911 and responding officers arrested Newman and transported him to the hospital. He was treated for minor injuries, released and taken to jail.
He will be charged with second-degree assault and two counts of harassment.
Neither the woman nor her son was seriously injured in the attack.

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