Thursday, November 17, 2011

Gun News

House passes Right-to-Carry reciprocity bill

A state permit to carry a concealed firearm would be valid in almost every other state in the country under legislation the House passed Wednesday.

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Liberty University OKs Right-to-Carry on campus

Liberty University enacted a policy allowing visitors, students and staff who have concealed weapons permits to carry guns on campus. The policy, approved Friday by the Board of Trustees and announced to students Wednesday, replaces a complete ban of firearms on university grounds.

Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas): Floor statement on H.R. 822

"The Second Amendment is a fundamental right to bear arms that should not be constrained by state boundary lines. This legislation enhances public safety and protects the right to bear arms under the Second Amendment."

Guns are a minibus winner

"There are 12 critical protections for gun owners that are included and that is why we are supporting the package," National Rifle Association chief lobbyist Chris Cox said. "We have communicated our support to the leadership and directly to Members." The minibus is likely to be considered by the House today. If it passes, it will be sent to the Senate, which is expected to act on the measure before adjourning this evening for a weeklong Thanksgiving recess.

Read About It: Roll Call

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