Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Gun News

North Carolina: New law provides more leeway for self-defense action

Changes to the state's Castle Doctrine Law that take effect Thursday do not require people to run before they fight back with a gun. The law expands the use of reasonable deadly force to include cars and workplaces if a person under attack fears imminent death or serious bodily harm.

Pennsylvania: Allow Sunday deer hunts

Proponents of Sunday hunting said the move would be an economic boon. A recent state funded study estimated that Sunday hunting would generate $804 million in annual spending, and help support more than 7,000 jobs and generate $57 million in state and local taxes.

Canada: Tories reject proposed changes to long-gun bill

The Conservatives refused to bite on amendments put forward by the NDP Tuesday on the bill to repeal the long gun registry. The Commons public safety committee has wrapped up its study of Bill C 19, which will be heading back to the House without changes despite the NDP's last ditch attempt to remedy what they see as serious problems with the proposed legislation. Two amendments were shot down by the Conservatives one would force the feds to table the costs of deleting the records, and the other would force the government to revisit which weapons are restricted in Canada.

Read About It: The Toronto Sun (Canada)

Canada: NDP's honest mistake confirms our dysfunctional gun laws

The federal New Democrats have been left scrambling after nearly making an embarrassing mistake in an ad campaign criticizing the federal Tories for scrapping the long gun registry. The NDP planned to run ads showing the Mini 14 rifle, which would no longer be subject to registration after the end of the long gun registry. But the graphic showed the wrong variant of the Mini 14 -- one that is considered a restricted firearm, and therefore won't be affected by the proposed legislation at all.

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