Monday, December 5, 2011

Gun News

National Right-to-Carry reciprocity

James Parson's gun interest blossomed when he was a 9 year old Boy Scout. It was the beginning of a hobby that would later push him to move out of Maryland and into York County, where Pennsylvania gun laws allow him to carry his weapon openly and might soon allow visitors from other states to carry concealed weapons if the Senate passes the national concealed carry bill.

Ohio: OSU crime alerts fuel Right-to-Carry push on campus

There is a new push for concealed carry weapons to be allowed on OSU's campus following a string of crime alerts from OSU police in the last few weeks. OSU's student group supporting concealed weapons on campus has received hundreds of new requests for membership.

Read About It: WCMH (Columbus, Ohio)

North Carolina: Proposed Hicks County firearms ordinance options

Here are the proposed ordinances on firearms on the agenda for Tuesday night's Hickory City Council meeting. The proposals are the subject of a public hearing at the 7 p.m. meeting at City Hall.

Fact Check: Hedge fund manager not behind gun company acquisitions

I have an email saying that The Freedom Group is buying up all the American gun and ammunition companies. The email says that The Freedom Group is owned by Cerberus Capital Management. And the owner of Cerberus is George Soros, a very liberal financier who wants to control America's guns. The email asks why the media hasn't reported this. Why hasn't it been reported? For good reason. It's not true. Cerberus is a private equity firm founded in 1992 by Stephen Feinberg and William Richter, listed as senior managing directors on the company's website.

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