Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Gun News

Florida: Orange County lifts gun ban in parks

Orange County commissioners made the decision Tuesday, voting to change an ordinance that banned concealed weapons on public lands.

Read About It: WESH (Orlando, Fla.)

Kansas: Wichita eases limits on Right-to-Carry

KAKE TV reports the council voted 4 3 on party lines Tuesday for a city ordinance allowing citizens to carry concealed guns in 111 buildings, mostly parks and recreation facilities. The ordinance also applies to 19 fire stations, four public works facilities and six garages.

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Now, 90 congressmen have 'no confidence' in Holder or believe he should quit

Attorney General Eric Holder's list of Operation Fast and Furious critics has grown over the past several days, as four more have signed on to a resolution of "no confidence" in him. Republican Reps. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee, Kevin Brady of Texas, Tim Griffin of Arkansas and Tim Walberg of Michigan have all now signed on as co sponsors of Arizona Republican Rep. Paul Gosar's "no confidence" resolution.

Read About It: The Daily Caller

Pro-Second Amendment Measure Pre-Filed in New Mexico Legislature!
Tuesday, December 20, 2011
State Representative Bill Rehm (R-ABQ) has pre-filed House Bill 32, legislation that would repeal Section 30-7-9 of the New Mexico Criminal Code, for the upcoming 2012 thirty-day legislative session.  This section of state law limits the purchase of rifles and shotguns by New Mexico residents to their home state and contiguous states.  Repeal of this law would eliminate this restrictive language and would enable residents of New Mexico to purchase long guns in non-contiguous states, and residents of non-contiguous states to purchase long guns in New Mexico. 

Please contact your state Representative and Senator and urge them to support HB 32 when the Legislature convenes in Santa Fe next month!

Contact information for your state Representatives and Senators can be found by clicking here.

Cox: Obama Administration endangered lives to justify gun control

In all of my years fighting on behalf of the National Rifle Association to defend the Second Amendment, I never thought I would see a White House so vehemently opposed to gun ownership that it would be willing to arm violent criminals and endanger American lives in pursuit of a gun control agenda. Readers will recall that a little over two months ago, in this same space, I wrote: "I would like to believe that President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder -- no matter how much they oppose our Second Amendment rights -- would never break the law and endanger human lives in their mission to score political points against gun owners .... "However, to believe all of this, I would have to ignore a lot of facts."

Read About It: Town Hall

States loosen Right-to-Carry laws

A Mississippi resident who receives a concealed carry permit and takes an eight hour course can now carry a gun on college campuses, in bars and in courthouses. As of this summer, Wyoming residents need no permits for concealed weapons. And in Indiana, private businesses must allow employees to keep firearms in their vehicles on company property. Those and other recent changes on the state level represent a growing shift toward loosening state gun regulations, according to University of Chicago professor Jens Ludwig. "When you look across the states, they are definitely moving in the direction of allowing concealed weapons in more locations," Ludwig says. Supporters of the trend see it as a boost for gun rights. The National Rifle Association tracks the legislation online and has praised the new state laws.

Read About It: USA Today

Congressman: Holder's race card play 'orchestrated' by Obama

Illinois Republican Rep. Joe Walsh, one of the first members of Congress to demand Attorney General Eric Holder resign over the ill fated Operation Fast and Furious gun walking program, told The Daily Caller that Holder's recent use of racial politics to attack his critics appears to be something President Barack Obama "orchestrated."

Read About It: The Daily Caller

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