Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Gun News

Obama tries to support gun control with signing statements

The 2012 omnibus bill funding the government contained a couple limits on gun control. But these restrictions were too much for Obama.

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Rules eased on gun sales to noncitizens

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is relaxing restrictions on the sale of guns to noncitizens because Justice Department lawyers have concluded that the rules had no legal basis, officials said on Thursday. In a letter to firearms dealers on Thursday, the bureau said it would soon drop a regulation that bars the sale of guns to noncitizens until they can document that they have lived in a state for at least 90 days, such as by producing three months of utility bills in their name at a local address. While citizens, too, must generally be residents of a state in order to buy weapons there, the 90 day rule does not apply to them. The letter said the Justice Department had concluded that the Gun Control Act does not empower the A.T.F. to impose a stricter requirement on noncitizen gun buyers.

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Firing back at gun control

The Obama administration's anti gun agenda, which has been sneaking into the federal bureaucracy in recent years, was blasted by Congress last week. Republicans used the $1 trillion omnibus bill for 2012 to shoot back at the sneaky use of federal funds for gun control.

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Obama says he won't be bound by gun control ban in omnibus

The Obama administration won't be bound by a gun control ban in the $1 trillion spending bill for 2012, the president said Friday. The funding provision for the federal health agency says that "none of the funds made available in this title may be used, in whole or in part, to advocate or promote gun control." The language aims to ban taxpayer dollars from supporting gun safety research. "I have advised the Congress that I will not construe these provisions as preventing me from fulfilling my constitutional responsibility to recommend to the Congress's consideration such measures as I shall judge necessary and expedient," Obama said in a statement as he signed the bill into law.

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More and more women embracing gun ownership

The face of the American gun owner is changing. More women than ever are picking up rifles, shotguns, and handguns. And target shooting is one of the fastest growing female sports.

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Gun sales at record levels

December holiday shoppers were not just interested in buying the hottest electronics and toys they also were purchasing record numbers of guns, according to the latest FBI figures on background checks required to buy firearms.

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