Friday, January 6, 2012

Gun News

Reuters reports on ATF 'Gunwalker' reassignments day after GRE, SSI

Cox: Obama to Congress: I'll decide what's constitutional

Election season is here, and you might think President Obama would be going out of his way to show voters that he can be trusted with the powers of the presidency. But you would be wrong. Just a few days before Christmas, Obama served notice to all Americans that he will continue to abuse executive privilege by seeking new ways to vilify gun owners and further his anti gun agenda.

Read About It: The Daily Caller

Guns create jobs

Campaigning in liberal San Francisco in 2008, then candidate Barack Obama was caught ridiculing those "who cling to their guns and religion." The president's cavalier attitude toward gun owners could undermine his re election effort, especially in New Hampshire, where guns mean jobs.

Read About It: The Daily Caller

New Hampshire: Gun bills passed

New Hampshire could become only the fifth state in the country to let people carry concealed guns without a permit. The House yesterday voted 193-122 to make gun permits optional. Members also voted 204-110 to allow loaded rifles and shotguns in motor vehicles, as long as there is not a round in the chamber.

Nebraska: Lawmaker wants people to be able to keep guns in cars at work

A Nebraska legislator wants to make it legal for people to keep guns and ammunition in their vehicles while they're at work, or in any parking lot as long as the vehicle is locked and gun is not in plain view.

Read About It: Missouri News Horizon

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