Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Gun News

On a 21-19 vote, the Virginia Senate passed legislation Monday to allow the purchase of more than one handgun a month, foretelling what is likely to be one of the most significant changes in Virginia's gun laws in 20 years.

Arizona lawmakers Monday advanced a pair of gun rights bills that would expand where firearms could be carried, including a proposal allowing concealed weapons on university campuses.
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The latest Gallup Poll on guns says that 47 percent of Americans now have guns, more than any time since 1993, and women are buying in increasing numbers. Twenty three percent of women report that they are gun owners, that is up from 13 percent in 2005.
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Last Thursday, Attorney General Eric Holder was called to testify before Congress. His attitude toward his questioners was by any measure unbecoming of his office. At one point he actually demanded he be "given some credit" for his performance as attorney general. Though, bad as that outburst was, it was slightly less petulant than the earlier insinuation that his critics are racist.
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Former Tucson Drug Enforcement Administration chief Tony Coulson told The Daily Caller that Attorney General Eric Holder either knew guns were walking during Operation Fast and Furious, or should have known about the deadly practice.
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Today, Mark Udall sent a letter with Senator Jim Risch (R-ID) to the Committee on Environment & Public Works's Chairwoman Barbara Boxer and Ranking Member James Inhofe, urging them to hold a hearing on his bill to develop shooting ranges open to the public. The Target Practice and Marksmanship Training Support Act (S.1249), which has strong support from hunter and conservation organizations, would give states the flexibility to spend their already allotted Pittman Robertson funds to create or improve public shooting ranges. Holding a hearing on the bill is a step toward having it pass committee and ready to be taken up by the full Senate for a vote. Udall is also organizing Coloradans to support the effort to enhance opportunities for safe recreational shooting in our state; the petition is available HERE. http://markudall.senate.gov/shootingranges
Read the press release: U.S. Senate

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