Friday, February 17, 2012

Gun News

Santorum says, quite rightly, that “the Second Amendment is there to protect the First Amendment!” Collectivist citizen disarmament advocate wets pants.

In addition to banishing many current restrictions, House Bill 981 would prevent police or the National Guard from disarming people during states of emergency, and it would allow citizens to sue if that occurred.

Read the article: The Atlanta Journal Constitution (Ga.)

State Rep. Tony Cornish of Good Thunder, long one of the Legislature's biggest proponents of expanded gun rights, is pushing what could be the nation's most comprehensive right to bear arms amendment. One of three gun related amendments proposed by House Republicans, Cornish's is the amendment advocated by the National Rifle Association.

Read the article: The Free Press (Mankato, Minn.)

On a unanimous vote the House Law Enforcement Committee pushed forward a bill that would allow people to receive due process before their firearms permits are revoked. Under state law people who have been charged with a crime are issued a letter demanding they give up their firearms, even though they have not been found guilty of any crime.

Read the article: The Daily Herald (Provo, Utah)

President Obama is using his budget to advance an anti gun agenda just before the election. One particularly sneaky provision buried deep within his submission to Congress Monday would, if enacted, allow the mistakes of the "Fast and Furious" gun walking scandal to be repeated

Read the article: The Washington Times

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