Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Gun News

After four years of trying to hide from the Supreme Court's Heller decision, the District realized its gun laws had to change. On Tuesday, the city council voted unanimously to relax firearm registration requirements. The process to fix the law started just a few weeks after The Washington Times began a series documenting D.C.'s excessive hurdles to gun ownership.

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Robert Leroy Wright, 37, was walking his dog Sunday morning in Southeast Washington when police say he was confronted by a knife wielding neighbor about "allowing the dog near his yard." A dispute ensued, and the neighbor, Ellsworth Colbert, 56, stabbed Wright to death, according to D.C. police.
Whether or not this story proves to be as insane as it sounds, the incident as reported does provide a textbook case for legalizing handguns in the District, as well as buttress a ruling Monday by a federal judge that declared significant parts of Maryland's gun control law unconstitutional.

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Legislatures in a dozen states are considering laws that would eliminate requirements that residents obtain permits to carry concealed weapons.

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Constitutional lawyers said Tuesday that a recent federal court decision overturning a portion of Maryland's gun control law will likely be upheld on appeal and called the ruling groundbreaking given the liberalism of the state from which it came.

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Three House lawmakers fired off a letter to the state police late Monday requesting that the agency immediately start issuing more gun permits in the wake of the recent federal court decision that loosened the rules about who can walk around with weapons.

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With just a few days left in the legislative session, lawmakers on Tuesday adopted the Grouseland as the official state rifle because of its historic significance.

Read the article: The Journal Gazette (Fort Wayne, Ind.)

Parliament yesterday passed an amendment submitted by deputy prime minister Zsolt Semjén and Interior Minister Sándor Pintér simplifying the purchase of guns for those holding a permit.
The change removes the requirement to renew firearms permits every five years, making them valid indefinitely.
The stated aims of the government’s gun policy are self-defence, film production, target shooting, teaching, sports shooting, protection of property and hunting.

Read the article: Hungary Around the Clock

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