Tuesday, March 20, 2012

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Mask coming off coordinated administration deception on guns

“We need to do this every day of the week and just really brainwash people into thinking about guns in a vastly different way,” then-U.S. Attorney Eric Holder advocated in a 1995 C-SPAN video that surfaced over the weekend on Breitbart.com and has since gone viral in the gun activist community.


D.C. officials will do just about anything to keep law abiding citizens from lawfully possessing a gun in the city. The Washington Times' Emily Miller has found in the "Emily Gets Her Gun" series that the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) has been spreading false information about firearms ownership. As a result, residents and nonresidents who have done nothing wrong risk false arrest and gun confiscation. As of Friday, the MPD's Firearms Registration Office had not removed the incorrect information from its website.

Read the article: The Washington Times

Attorney General Eric Holder supported using Hollywood, the media and government officials in order to “really brainwash people” into opposing firearm ownership, according to a 1995 C-SPAN video that emerged Sunday online.

Read the article: The Daily Caller

Attorney General Derek Schmidt announced Friday that Kansas concealed carry permits will be recognized when the permit holder is traveling in Ohio.

Read the article: The Topeka Capital Journal (Kans.)

When John Moore moved back to Maine from Massachusetts, he thought he wouldn't have to wait long to get a permit to carry a concealed handgun.
After all, Maine law says applicants who have been Maine residents for five years or longer have to be notified within 30 days of whether they've been approved or denied.
Although it has only been a bit more than three weeks since he applied, Moore, 40, of New Gloucester isn't optimistic.

Read the article: The Bangor Daily News (Maine)

Before the end of this year, Russell and Sallie Nordyke will set up shop for at least five gun shows at the Santa Clara County fairgrounds, providing a gathering spot for thousands of gun enthusiasts to buy and sell rifles, pistols and other weapons.
For the Glenn County couple, the South Bay is a small island amid a sea of hostility toward their TS Gun Shows. Bay Area counties from Alameda and Marin to San Mateo have enacted laws that forbid the sale or possession of guns on government property, effectively banning gun shows at some of the best spots to hold them.
The Nordykes believe those laws are unconstitutional    and on Monday, a federal appeals court will once again take up their 12 year quest to strike down the regulations.

Read the article: The San Jose Mercury News (Calif.)

Ideally, responsible, law abiding gun owners and shooters should be good.
Numbers of hunting related shooting incidents have plummeted through the 60 years of hunter safety education in New York State. Statewide conceal carry permits issued in other states have shown the accountability of pistol owners and a reduction in crimes committed.
Nonetheless, anti gun groups and powerful individuals continue to appeal to legislators to enact increasingly restrictive gun ownership laws. Added to the mix are complex political issues, vicissitudes of budgeting and influence gathering and a host of insider activity that makes Albany a brokerage house for outdoors interests and concerns.

Read the article: The Buffalo News (N.Y.)

The issue of the right to bear arms as defined in the Constitution's Second Amendment has always played a prominent role in American politics.
Two volunteers from NRA University, a program for college students run by the National Rifle Association, a non governmental organization promoting the rights of citizens to own firearms, spoke in Huntsman Hall today on gun control and advocated Second Amendment activism.

Read the article: The Daily Pennsylvanian (Philadelphia, Pa.)

Among peer reviewed national studies by criminologists and economists, 18 find that right to carry laws reduce violent crime, 10 claim no effect, and just one claims one type of crime temporarily increases slightly. The possibility that permit holders might lead to more crime is easily evaluated by looking at how incredibly law abiding they are, with them losing their permits for any firearms related violations (usually trivial ones) at hundredths or thousandths of 1 percentage point.

Read the article: The Baltimore Sun (Md.)

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