Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Gun News

In remarks to reporters in the Rose Garden, Calderon urged the U.S. to do more to tamp down on gun trafficking and emphasized that the drug cartels that crime organizations are operating on both sides of the border. He claimed a direct connection between the weakening of gun laws in the U.S. and deaths in his country.

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Mr. Keene recently was named a "champion" of the U.S. Constitution by the Constitution Project, a group that unites "unlikely allies" from across the political spectrum who pine to safeguard the nation's founding charter.
"At his core, he's a constitutionalist," Al Hunt, executive editor of Bloomberg News, said of Mr. Keene, his friend of 36 years, later adding, "He knows that it's character over ideology."

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Whatever happened on the night that George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin, we know one thing for sure: The gun prohibition lobbies and their compliant media friends have been deceiving the public about Florida's laws. Among the many deceits is the claim that Florida's "stand your ground" law affects the legality of whatever Mr. Zimmerman did.

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Microstamping - the process by which tiny numbers are etched in firing pins of guns to help in criminal investigations - has been shot down as part of this year's state budget   and rightfully so. It's a lame proposal, and such a law should never see the light of day. Write legislators and tell them so.

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When winter storms slammed North Carolina in early 2010, Gov. Bev Perdue declared a state of emergency.
The city of King followed on Feb. 5 with its own declaration of emergency that included -- as allowed by state law -- a ban on the possession of alcohol and firearms except at a person's own home.
A Stokes County man, two other people and two gun rights organizations sued the state, King and Stokes County that summer, claiming that their rights under the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution were violated. The amendment protects citizens' right to bear arms.

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The new wolf hunting and trapping season will run from mid October through the end of February. If applications exceed the number of licenses, the Department of Natural Resources would issue half of the licenses at random and the other half through a preference point system.

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