Monday, May 7, 2012

Gun News

Blame it on the upcoming election, fear of crime or even the Mayan calendar, but Fresno gun dealers say business is booming.

Read the article: The Fresno Bee (Calif.)

Gun sales are on the rise as fear connected to the upcoming presidential election, along with crime rise.  Freedom Armory in Glen Rock, York County has seen a 25% increase in sales. The spike became apparent in November, during the 2012 Presidential Republican Primary debates.  Handguns make up the bulk of the sales.  Some believing President Barack Obama will win re election and implement stricter gun laws.

Read the article: WPMT (York, Pa.)

Think this couldn't happen in America? It did in New Orleans, during Hurricane Katrina.
With more than half the city flooded and many people unable to evacuate, officials sent police around not to guard vulnerable law abiding citizens, but to take their guns, leaving them defenseless against the criminals roaming the streets.

Read the article: Morning Sentinel (Waterville, Maine)

"I Hunt, but the N.R.A. Isn't for Me," by Lily Raff McCaulou (Op Ed, April 25), is another desperate, but predictable, election year stunt to try to marginalize National Rifle Association members. The N.R.A. not only represents four million N.R.A. members, but polls also indicate that tens of millions more support us, and a healthy percentage of the population takes our positions into account before casting a vote.

Read the article: The New York Times

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