Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Cowardly General(s)

I'm a veteran. I despise all liberals. I despise most republicans. I despise Obama. And I especially despise cowardly generals.

The United States' top military official criticized a group of former military and intelligence operatives for its aggressive campaign against President Obama, telling Fox News that he is "disappointed" by such political activity, which he called "not useful."
The group of former CIA agents, Navy SEALs and other military members recently released a long-form political ad blasting Obama for security leaks on his watch, as well as suggesting he has taken too much credit for the SEALs raid in Pakistan that killed Usama bin Laden.
“If someone uses the uniform, whatever uniform, for partisan politics, I am disappointed because I think it does erode that bond of trust we have with the American people,” Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey said in an interview with Fox News while flying back from a trip to Afghanistan and Iraq.
Dempsey is the most senior military officer to publicly condemn the group, which calls itself Special Operations OPSEC Education Fund, which some opponents have compared to the "Swift Boat" group that attacked John Kerry in the 2004 presidential race.
“Is their criticism valid? I won’t comment on that,” Dempsey said onboard a C17 military aircraft en route back from the Middle East. “Is it useful? No, it’s not useful. It’s not useful to me.”


  1. I am a veteran. I am a gun owner. I am a former military contractor. I thinnk that the fact that you dispose all liberals, i.e. people that disagree with you, is very disappointing. What makes it sad is that what you dislike so intensely is a straw man that does not even exist. I disagree with most "conservatives" on political matters, but to say that you dispise a group of people just because of political disagreements does not sound like a good basis for true freedom. I pray thay you are just being hyperbolic.

  2. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion... That's true freedom.
    Thank you for your service.