Thursday, August 23, 2012

Rules of Engagement for the Medically Fragile

Thanks to Dave for pointing this out.

As we age and acquire various bodily infirmities, our ability to effectively handle physical challenges diminishes.
As we become increasingly fragile, we lose defensive options in the event of a physical assault. The disparity of force in favor of the attacker widens as a function of our physical disadvantages. Given the inevitability of the age related decline in our physical abilities, how can we keep safe in the face of violent crime?
There are no easy answers. As our physical abilities decline, we may have a more restricted range of defensive options. We probably cannot run away fast enough, if at all. If we are attacked, we are unlikely to be capable of physically fighting back the attacker on a hand to hand basis. Few of us who retain our mental faculties want to hibernate or hide from the world. Few of us can afford a personal bodyguard. What are our options?

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