Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day 5

Nothing exciting today (so far). I met all of the S6's (communications officers) that I'll be supporting during my mission. One of them just happened to be a student of mine from back in 2005 at Fort Lewis, WA. He walked in and both of us went, "Saaaay, you look familiar..." Back then he was a brand-spankin'-new 2nd Lieutenant. He's a Captain now.

No sign of our resident badger but, it's still early.

The PX has a bunch of little Iraqi/Turk/Phillipino run shops around it. One of them is a photo development place called (Star Trek fans will love this) "Kang's." So I threw about 8 different pics of the wife, boys, dogs and my Jeep on a memory stick and had them printed. Picked up some frames and now my little CHU feels a little more comfortable.

Remember what I said about garrison breaking out? Yeah...


  1. I've been reading your posts and again want to wish you well while you're in Iraq. Stay safe and please let the men and women you're serving with know how proud we are of them.