Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I think I may very well...

Have a Honey Badger living under my CHU.

I'm sitting here on the laptop and watching tv when I smell something odd. It's faint but it's there. I open the door and I swear I smelled a skunk. So I'm thinking, "There are no skunks in Iraq. So, what the hell is it?"

I get on the ol' innarweb and do some research and come up with the family Mustelidae. Skunks are very similar to the critters in the family Mustelidae. The biggest similarity are anal scent glands (with the exception of the Sea Otter). So I dig around for any members of the Mustelidae family in Iraq and it turns out that Honey Badgers call parts of Iraq home.

So, while I'm researching, I hear my neighbor exit his CHU and walk to the latrine. Then I heard this weird, for lack of a better word, purring near my door and then some scratching. I threw open the door hoping to see him but nothing was there. He must have ran underneath my steps and towards the back of our little compound. And the smell was much stronger.

Man, I hope I can see this guy just once before I leave and that I have my camera on me.

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