Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Zombie Apocalypse

My son has a fascination with Zombies (he gets it honestly)...

Anyway, he has a scenario and some questions; if you're bored, check it out and give me some answers for him. Just leave your answers in the comment section and make sure you answer the poll question on the right. My answers are in red by the way.

Attention! Attention!

A sudden outbreak of Zombies has occurred across the world you and a group of friends have decided to set up a defense against the zombies. Your first task is to determine the location of your base of operations. It has to be a real place no fictional bases like the Death Star.

Base of Operations: Downtown Skyscraper: Top Floor/Presidential Suite

Now that you and your friends have established your fortress you get bored and decide to go Zombie hunting. Even though all government warnings tell you not to, you do it anyway. You have the choice of any high-powered firearm/rifle, sidearm/pistol, edged weapon/blade, blunt weapon and you get one miscellaneous weapon, it can be anything from a flamethrower to grenades. Again, weapons must be real no fictional weapons like lasers or stuff like that. (Ammo is negligible on all firearms)

High-powered firearm/rifle:Barrett .50Cal Sniper Rifle
Sidearm/pistol:Springfield XD 45 Tactical 
Edged weapon/blade:Katana
Blunt weapon:Louisville Slugger
Miscellaneous weapon:Springfield SOCOM 7.62mm 

The next step in preparation for Zombie killing is to determine your mode of transportation. You have the choice of one motorized vehicle and one non-motorized mode of transportation. Transportation must be real no fictional vehicles like the Halo Warthog.

Motorized vehicle:Bradley, MRAP or Stryker (whichever I found first)
Non-motorized vehicle:Hang Glider 

The last step in getting ready for Zombie killing is your choice of clothing and just for grins your pick of one animal as a pet and Zombie killer.

Clothing:MultiCam Combat uniform w/ Spec Ops Tactical Gear

Now you are ready for some Zombie killing set up your attack plan and go for it.

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