Friday, April 2, 2010

From my friend Osiris...

Back story;

My Uncle and his wife have been in special education for the last 30 years. He taught in Baltimore and ran a camp for special needs kids that was right next to Camp David. When he retired from the public school system, he decided to open up a school that was specifically geared towards children with special needs. He sunk EVERYTHING he had into this school to help these kids.

In February, a small electrical fire started in the kitchen and completely destroyed the entire house. He's been waiting to hear back from Allstate and in the meantime, was contacted by Extreme Home Makeover. They were interested but havent said yes or no. Then today, Allstate finally got back with him. This is what he emailed us:
Hi Folks!

I got some very bad news today. Our insurance company, Allstate, has completely denied our claim. We now are tragically in the hole as far as money for rebuilding and don't know if we will even be able to rebuild without a tremendous amount of financial help. We have applied to Extreme Makeover: Home Edition but nothing is for sure. I was hoping everyone could send an e-mail to Home Makeover in support of the Cisco Center. Please send your e-mails to: Thank you!!!!!!!!!!
Take Care!
So thats what I need you guys (and gals) to help with. I'm asking you to PLEASE send them an email at and ask them to help this center. It doesnt have to be long, just a note voicing support.

Here's some background on the center:
Special-needs center's owner keeps head up after disaster -

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