Sunday, April 4, 2010

Old Spice

My Great Granddad, Granddad, Dad, I and my oldest son use Old Spice after shave. Always have, always will. We are after all, men. We also use Old Spice deodorant. I have never understood why a man would want to use anything else. I don't use cologne, never have, never will. Crap like that's for girls, not men. Old Spice after shave is just that, you use it "after shaving." Using it at any other time moves you into the "cologne area," and that is not acceptable.
We also use Old Spice soap. Well, they call it "body wash" now.
Men should smell like men, not girls, fruits or flowers. That's why I'm so confused by all this "smelly" stuff being aimed at men in advertising. All any man needs is Old Spice. Period.
Well, REAL men. Real, AMERICAN men.
(and when I use the term "Old Spice," I am of course, refering to the "classic" scent, By God...)

All this being said, I recently came across these commericials and found them to be absolutely hysterical. They star Terry Crews (a great and underrated actor) who really seems to "get it." Old Spice is for real men.

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