Sunday, April 4, 2010

"His home country of Kenya..."

Huh? What was that again?
I'm on the fence about this whole "birther"thing but, wow; interesting statement. Listen close at the 45 second mark. Now I'm sure there are different ways of interpreting this but, geez. I don't say, "my home country of Wales" (which is my Dads lineage, way back when) and I don't say, "my home country of France" (which is my Moms lineage, way back when). I'm an American. Period.

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  1. barack hussein obama may be a Kenyan at heart. I don't think of him as much of an American even though he managed to get elected president.

    When you consider his anti-British posture, his anti-European posture and his pro-Cuban/pro-Venezuelan/pro-Iran/pro-Hamas posture it's hard to view him as a genuine American.