Friday, June 10, 2011

Project Gunwalker

The purpose of Operations Gunrunner and Fast And Furious was not to catch cartels with US guns, but to flood Mexico with them and then blame, sue, and close U.S. gun dealers and manufacturers.

Color me surprised that CBS is actually covering this but, WHERE THE HELL IS THE REST OF THE MEDIA? Why is this not on every single channel 24 hours a day? Oh, my bad... We've got Weiner tweets which are waaaaay more important than the criminal, treasonous behavior of the Dept of Justice, the BATFE and their boss... President Obama.

For a complete look at Project Gunwalker go here:

and here
and here

After reviewing all of this contact your Senators and Representatives and demand to know what they are doing about this. The BATFE should be dissolved, and lots of people should go to jail, including Eric Holder.

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